Strong and agile descendents of the fabled equines of the middle ages, baroque horses possess rare qualities that make them uniquely well suited for the haute ecole discipline of classical dressage. Classical Baroque LLC celebrates two of the premier breeds of these impressive horses, the graceful and nimble Friesian and the highly intelligent Andalusian. Classical Baroque is engaged in every aspect of the equine craft from breeding to highly developed skill training. Driven by passion and love of these breeds, the results show in superior representations of high quality baroque horses. There is nothing typical about the equines of Classical Baroque LLC.

The preferred mount of Kings, Andalusions excel in every aspect of dressage and show. With their proud Spanish heritage they are among the oldest breeds of horses in the world today.

The Dutch Friesians also trace their heritage to the middle ages. Once known as the horses of war they are mighty but graceful in movement. They are distinguished by their beauty and rich color.

Classical Baroque LLC invites you to view and enjoy our featured horses. Contact information is provided for discriminating equine enthusiasts who would like to learn more about the Classical Baroque difference.